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In the restoration process carried out during two years (1999-2001) it was respected almost all the original settings of the house, maintaining or even enhancing its traditional symmetrical distribution of placements, the amplitude of the rooms and corridors and height of their roofs. These features build up a special character to the house, which responds to a conception much more generous than the current use of space. The thick outer stone walls were left exposed in some areas inside the house as well as most of the structure of chestnut wood, perfectly preserved after applying the treatment for cleaning and finishing.

Bioclimatic architecture and use of clean energies.

The lucky orientation of the building -northeast in the front and southwest in the garden – along with the thickness of the stone and mud that build the master walls of the building are the basis of their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation qualities.

The originally more vulnerable part of the house in this regard was the cover, which was demolished and built again. On a wooden structure, made with the original beams of the old roof and following the same constructive scheme, it was installed an insulation system made with crushed natural cork lodged between wooden panels that allow breathability of the building.

For the production of hot water and heating systems, it was installed a set of 12 solar panels that provide much of the necesary thermal energy.

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